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Zip-in-Go - Products :: The ultimate sports towel!

The Sports towel

Those lockers at the gym or spa, are they really safe? The "pouch" in our "Sports Towel" is not only water resistant, but it allows you to carry your keys, wallet, and phone, during your workout or even into the sauna. You are more likely to misplace your gym bag, but you always carry your towel close by with your items inside. Keep your valuables secure so nobody can see them.


Folding Made Easy

Learn how to fold the Zip-In-Go towel. It's as easy as 1-2-3. Folding the towel into the unique handy tote bag helps keep wetness inside where it belongs after use. Towel converted into a tote will also keep the towel clean if laid on a dirty surface, because the towel stays within the protective pouch.


The Promotional Gym & Rally towel

Enjoy your personal all-in-one towel. Perfect for all sporting events and much more. Great with the kids.

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