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Zip-in-Go - Frequently Asked Questions :: The ultimate sports towel!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does the towel come in different colors and sizes?

A: Yes, We have three sizes in white color towel only. Note: We can make any color towel overseas with quantities greater than 600 pieces or more.

Q: Is the towel machine washable?

A: Yes, It washes very well and has good durability, especially if the towel is hung to dry.

Q: How long does it take to recieve a towel once ordered online?

A: It will usually take 2-4 weeks maximum by regular ground mail for plain towels. The shipping time may be faster depending on location and type of order.

Q: Does your company have embroidery and screen printing cabilitiy?

A: Yes, We are contracted with one of the largest embroidery companies in the USA and we contract with many screen printing companies locally.

Q: What is so special about your towel?

A: It is unique in its ability to keep items secure and localized in one place(not scatttered). It also has the ability to fold into a zipper secure tote bag for easy transport. The inside liner is also water resistant to keep moisture out while being used as a towel and keeps wetness in after use when folded into a tote bag until cleaned.

Q: Is the pocket in your towel too small?

A: No, The Zip-In-Go towel was made so the average consumer could carry their belongings comfortably and easily. The sports towel can carry a wallet, keys, phone, and a small water bottle all at the same time with comfort in all occasions.

Q: Can You purchase the Zip-In-Go Towel in local sports and retail stores?

A: Not yet, We are only selling the towels online and to some local stores, schools, and colleges in California. Note: This year 2006, we will start selling to major distibutors for wholesale and retail nationwide. Call for special pricing (ASI/PPAI).

Q: How can the towel be used for golf?

A: The towel hangs on the golf bag in the form of a tote with towel inside the tote. This enables the golfer to use the towel only to wipe hands when needed and it also keeps the golf towel dry when the weather is humid or raining, since the liner is water resistant.

Q: Do you have discounts on the towels?

A: Yes, but you must call or e-mail our business to get a special quote. Note: (Must have an order of 24 or more pieces)

Q: My towel also gets dirty when I put it on the gym floor. How do I keep it from getting dirty?

A: By turning the towel inside out into the tote, the towel will stay inside the protective pouch keeping the towel clean from dirty surfaces.